Back to the Real World.

As usual I am procrastinating on going to bed.  Once I do that means that vacation is really, truly, officially over.   It was just 3 days off of work, but it was SO nice and so needed.   After the craziness of my baby sister’s bridal shower and then the fair at church the following weekend it was nice to do what we wanted as a family.   We rode bikes, made smore’s and to went to a movie with the boy for the first time as a family.   When I wake up in the morning the dread of everything I need to deal with at work will come creeping back.  I have about  half a dozen balls in the air and I am just waiting for them to all come crashing down.

2 weeks until my baby sister’s wedding, 3 weeks until I am off to camp with the youth group.   I decided to add extra crazy to my life….you know… for fun. Image

Yes I am hand beading her veil.  It is pretty easy since what she wants is pretty simple and even the discount bridal store wants $130+ for $10 worth of tulle and beads!  Though honestly the veil has been the extent of my prayer life lately.  I pray for her and my brother -in- law to be as I work on it. 

I keep ignoring REAL, dedicated prayer time.  I am so torn between taking time out for prayer, which usually means going to adoration at the Cathedral, and doing the things around the house that need to be done.  Both are good things, and doing work around the house serves others and cares for my family.  Am I wrong in choosing that?  The other part of my reluctance in prayer is the whole infertility mess/ jealousy over little sister’s (not to be confused with baby sister) expecting a new arrival in August. 

Its been nearly 5 years since the boy was born and we have been trying for another baby for almost 3 years.   Seriously at church today there were SO MANY babies….all making the most adorable sounds.  And those sounds make me so sad.  What if we don’t get that chance again? 

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