I’m trying this blog thing again.

There are so many thoughts in my head.   I feel overwhelmed and lost by the decisions I need to make so this unknown corner of the internet seems like cheap therapy. 

In 9 hours I am going to do something I never imagined I would do.  I am taking half of our youth group to the National Catholic Youth Conference.   I am incredibly excited and feeling very nostalgic.  16 years ago I was 16 and going to the very same conference.  I wanted to be a youth minister.  I can’t believe I things have come around full circle.  

I can’t believe where I am at now.  A few short years ago I had little faith life at all and seriously thought I was too intelligent to be blinded by faith.  Oh how things have changed!!!!!   I am so looking forward to this weekend and so excited for our kids to experience it.  3 years ago spending the weekend with 25,000 people would have sent me into a panic attack.  

I still wish I could talk to my youth minister.  She left this world way too soon, when I was in college.  I’d love the chance to pick her brain every now and then with this whole youth ministry thing. 

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