Five Favorites: When running late.

Five Favorites: When running late.

This morning I woke up at 7:02 AM.   I knew it was my fault I had stayed up too late, but last night the fog of exhaustion that had my couch create its own gravitational force and keep me on it broke at 10:30 and I had a second wind of productivity.  I spent 2 hours hanging and folding the mountain of recently done laundry followed by wrapping Christmas presents and then fell into bed around 1AM.     So here are a few favorites even when I am not running incredibly late:


1)      Peppermint Joe Joe’s from trader Joe’s.   I love these cookies more than I should.  They are on my mind this morning because in our rush out the door after coaxing the boy into his clothes 5 minutes after we should have been leaving the house we determined there was nothing for breakfast.  So the husband gave him some cheese and some cookies.  I am currently feeling this is one of our most epic parenting failures.

2)      Dry Shampoo – with my fine hair this works on morning there is no time.  I am currently using Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak Dry Shampoo.   It works pretty well though I am not used to having so much texture in my hair.

3)      Mary Kay Crème Eye shadow in Pale Blush.   This cream eye shadow not only helps powder eye shadow not budge its delicate pink color worn alone is very pretty.  The best part it makes me look instantly awake on mornings like today when I am not

4)      Iced Tea.  I admit I am slightly addicted to caffeine in the morning.   I don’t have to have it, but it sure does make my morning run smoother and my brain work better. 

5)      My Husband!   Gone are the days when getting out the door was a giant fight.  We have been a one car family for 7 years.  We are now a team with a mission of get the boy to school on time.   He remembers to do all the little things like make me a bottle of tea and hand me an extra sweater so I don’t freeze at work.   Nearly 10 years of marriage and it just keeps getting better!

Thanks to Hallie for hosting!

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