Week in My Life 2014 Monday

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I am looking forward to doing documenting our boring life.   In the past I have attempted writing posts like this that never get published and it had been so much fun and catch a glimpse into what life was like at the time.   A big thank you to Kathryn at Team Whitaker for hosting.

Team Whitaker WIML_monday

6-6:45 AM – Alarms go off, repeatedly. I debate if I am going to work today. I had planned on it, but a meeting on Thursday has rearranged my plans.   I am feeling sore from surgery (STILL!) for the first time in a few days and I decide to take the day off to rest.

The boys scramble to get ready.  X comes in to give me kisses about 4 times. He is great at stalling, but I know kisses won’t come so willingly in the next few years so I let him.

I am still in bed and aggravated I am sore from surgery again. I did too much over the weekend, carried too many heavy things.   The doctor told me less than a week ago that the little tiny laparoscopic incisions are deceptive and I had Major surgery so it is going to take a while to heal.

So I spend the day as a “sick day” and read and watch too many episodes of The Paradise Season 2.   I am absolutely thrilled there is a season two!

I debate doing dishes and laundry or resting more and I choose to relax while feeling a bit of nagging guilt over the state of the house. We can never seem to get on top of things. I have no idea what I did on Saturday. I know Sunday was busy with church and preparing for youth group on Sunday Evening.

3pm – B is home early from a conference today.  X is being picked up from school by his grandmother.  She was out of town last week and X  begged for her to pick him up. He loves his Mamaw, B’s mom.   He sees her nearly every weekday, especially when we were both working full time and she has picked him up from school a lot since I had surgery.

X comes home against his will at 4:30. He wanted to go to dinner with the grandparents, but homework and spelling words need to be done.  Plus when he spends most of the evening with them he comes home cranky and mean and it cuts into time we get to spend as a family.   He plays ninja with B with new toys from Mamaw (seriously this has to stop every time he is with her for the last month he comes home with something new!!!!!)

Then an epic fit erupts when it is time to do homework.   X whines and cries and complains he can’t do it and it is too hard. I remember something I read about chewing gum helping kids focus while doing work. I give him some chewing gum and suddenly he changes his tune and cooperates. It is kind of like magic. He even willingly copies his spelling words the first time he is asked. Could it it really be the gum?

B cooks food for him and the boy.. a variety of frozen food from Trader Joe’s. All of it contains egg, which I am avoiding for a while to determine if I am sensitive to eggs. I keep hoping it isn’t true because the list of things I have to avoid already is very long. And we eat A LOT of eggs.

After dinner B and I talk for a bit while X is reading.   X is bathed, put in jammies and in bed by 7:30. He was out late the night before at a basketball game. After half a dozen trips out of bed to complain he is hungry, can’t sleep, hungry, having bad dreams, not tired etc. He finally crashes close to 9 pm. He is going to be a bear in the morning.

10 pm – B and I head to the kitchen and I try to make a menu for the week while he does dishes.   I start packing lunches drying dishes and prepping food for the next few days. 2 hours later I leave the kitchen aggravated that the kitchen is NEVER done and there are still dishes left to dry.   I get to bed way too close to midnight feeling like I wasted my day by resting and not accomplishing more. Even though the kitchen is cleaner than it has been in a long time.

Dishes never ends.

Dishes never end.

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