Week in My life day 2

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Installment 2 of Week in My Life 2014. Yay I posted 2 days in a row!  I apologize in advance for the bad cell phone pictures and my boring life.  For much more entertaining week in my life posts check out Team Whitaker.

Team Whitaker WIML_tuesday

6-6:40 – ignore the alarm clocks.  Yes I have 5 different alarms set on my phone.  I really am more of a morning person than I sound I just also love staying up when the house is still and quiet and less than 7 hours of sleep and I find it difficult to get up.   I finally roll out of bed. and I head to the kitchen and start pulling chicken off the bones that I cooked overnight in the crock pot. I do what I can, but it is too hot to touch. I go and get ready. Both X and B are still asleep and it is 7 am!!!!


I try and coax X awake. Ever since he was a tiny baby I would walk into his room in the morning with a tiny bit of fear that he might not be breathing and he is 6 and I still worry every time I check on him! He is breathing  and he barely acknowledges I am in his room.   I go and finish working on the chicken and set lunches out.

B and X get ready. I put everything in the crock pot to make chicken broth. I love my crockpot, it makes life easier.

I grab a banana for breakfast and head out the door. We are running SO late this am. I am pretty sure St. Jude, patron of impossible causes, gets tired of my prayers for his intercession when we have too few minutes to  possibly get to school on time.   This morning we made it, barely, but we made it.     He has only had 1 tardy all year.   Sadly, that is really good for us.

I make a mental note to have a better morning routine when I realize we are all eating breakfast in the car, AGAIN!

X breakfast in the car

Someone was crying about wanting a banana in his cereal so I gave him half of mine.   I guess we have a routine, it is just a bit more hurried than I would like.

I do like that once we turn onto the last stretch of road before the school we all pray together. X likes the blanket “ I want to pray for everyone in the whole world.”   This morning my mind goes to someone sleeping on the steps of a church. I have seen them a few times lately and I am trying to think what I can do, knowing it is going to get very cold this week.

B drops me off at work and heads to his conference.

Work is weird for me.   I work in the same building and same desk as I did before I was unemployed . I technically work for a different company now.   I missed being in the lab while I was away. I love being able to work part time. I just am not sure how long we can afford for me to be this part time.


Work – I love being back in the lab, but I miss science. I am currently administrating a grant for a small business that my Boss has.   It is a steep learning curve while I try to figure out accounting and all the rules and regulations of this grant.

B picks me up early so we can go and pick up the boy from school. We get home around 3:30 which is unusual, but a welcome change.   X eats a snack and plays ninja. B and X go for a walk/ jog around the neighborhood while I start on dinner.

I make chicken and dumplings. (So Good.) We eat at the table, which is unfortunately rare for us. I keep trying to eat there to teach X some better table manners. Before I know it he has crawled across the top of the table to give me a kiss! Apparently we have work to do in the manners department.

X the ninja

Quote of the day “no weapons at the dinner table”.  The young ninja told us that more than once tonight.

There is a slight fight over homework but the chewing gum works its magic again.

B falls asleep on the couch and X plays for a bit. I wonder around on Pinterest looking up ideas for Advent and Christmas.

I start making bread in the mixer, put the boy to bed while it is kneading and after a few minor arguments/ meltdowns about how he didn’t get to play long enough he finally goes to bed.

I wash the never ending pile of dishes while the dough is rising.  I like making bread.  Something about working with the dough, hearing it slap in the mixer and working with it on the counter is peaceful. It makes a huge mess, but I love it.  As much as I complain about never leaving the kitchen it is my time to think and pray.

The bread bakes while I watch TV and stay up way too late writing blog posts about my boring life.  After last month I will take boring over exciting any day.  Sometimes boring is good.

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