Thursday – Week in My Life

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Up and out the door again this AM.  Another bowl of cereal in the car and another prayer for St. Jude’s intercession to get to school on time.  We make it with 1 minute left.    This morning I was proud of X.  He started morning prayer when we reached the usual spot on the road. This morning he prayed the Memorare.  It is sweet to hear his slightly mispronounced words when saying that prayer.

It is in tiny those moments where he prays when he hears an emergency vehicle, or holds the door for others,  or gives a compliment,  it makes my heart swell.   I catch my breath and think “maybe we are doing something right”.   It makes the temper tantrums and “I hate you’s” (really “I hate you” from a 6 year old!!!!!!) not seem as horrible.

B drops me off at work.  I unpack my bag and try to make sense of the giant to do list that seems to keep growing.

I have lunch with the Grad student in my lab.  I am going to miss her when she graduates next year.  When I finally came back to work last month her enthusiasm about my return to the lab was awesome. It is nice to be missed.

B calls to tell me that his mom will pick me up after she gets X from school.  The whole 1 car thing again.   B has class on Thursday nights.  He is just a few classes away from completing all of the credit hours for his PhD.  I am so proud of the work he has put in over the last 4-5 years working on his degree.

I leave my building and my boy, who has a fabulous ninja turtle hoodie on, comes flying out of the car to give me a giant hug.


He immediately starts begging to go spend time at Mamaw’s house this afternoon.   I agree, but tell him he has to do his homework before he plays.   I feel like a slacker mom when I write about how much time he spends with my in-laws.   Last week my mother-in-law was out of town to care for an ill family member.   I know she is stressed about that situation and I also know my sweet little boy makes her happier than anything in the world, so I let him go.

X is crazy about his grandparents.  They moved here when he was a toddler to watch while we worked.  Until this year, when I became unemployed, my mother-in-law would pick him up from school every day.  We are lucky to have them here and be so willing to help out.   I also worry because he is SO attached to them.  I worry that if something happens to one of them it will crush him.  Really, anything could happen to any of us, but I hope we are all around for a very long time to watch the boy grow.

When I get home there is a box waiting for me.   Due to the sheer madness that is the mall during November and December I ordered some shoes from Zappos hoping one pair would fit.  I have foot issues and need a really supportive shoe.  My Danskos are my go to work shoe, but I need something to wear with dresses.  I have embraced the fact that shoes that are both comfortable and cute come at a high cost.   All 3 pairs of shoes are SO comfortable.  Both silver/grey pairs are a little big.   I worry that the black ones are the least practical since they are so shiny.  The ones with the cut outs are probably not the best option for work either, you know spilling chemicals on the feet is never good.  Ballet flats in general are probably not appropriate footwear for the lab, but they count as closed toe shoes so I wear them.


X arrives home around 6 with his homework done!  We practice spelling words.   He throws a fit about my request for him to put pajamas on and brush his teeth.  How can I be so unreasonable that every night between 7 and 7:30 I expect him to get ready for bed?   I briefly loose my cool and yell at him.   Finally I tell him I will read to him when he has done what I have asked.  He comes in with a STACK of books.  I tell him to pick 3.  We read in my bed and it is so warm I fall asleep before he does.

B gets home around 9:30 and makes me a hamburger for dinner.  Yes, dinner at 10pm.  We talk about our days for a while and plan the logistics of tomorrow.   I try to figure out if I will actually manage to get work done from home tomorrow.

For anyone who made it through this entire post: Congratulations for reading about my entire boring day!

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