Wednesday: Week In My Life 2014

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After being up until the wee hours because of caffeine for the first time since surgery and exercising too late at night. ( If you can call 12 minutes of a yoga video exercise, post surgery everything is taking longer than I’d like to get back to normal) I decide I will work from home Today.  This being an independent contractor thing is new but I have some reading/ writing I need to do and I can do that from home as well as I can from the lab.

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The boys get up and leave and I stay in bed until a glorious 8:15.   I’ve never been one who could sleep in well.I get up and make some toast on the lovely fresh bread I baked the night before and have a glass of iced tea, because more caffeine will make the day better.

Homemade Bread

Homemade Bread

I clean up the kitchen, but my work seems to be paying off it takes 15 minutes to get it back into shape.   I decide to go hang some clothes up in the bedroom…..

…….AND 4 hours later I have not started any of my work but the bedroom is clean, my closet is beautifully organized.   I pick up other things around the house and make myself some lunch.

Clean Closet

Clean Closet

I feel productive and seriously guilty that I have not managed to do what I planned.   The work will get done, I am just not sure when.   I really try to not work on Fridays to catch up on the house and errands. I also have an adoration hour at church on Fridays.

B emails to see if it is okay if he goes to the gym after work.   I sit and make a menu and grocery list for the next 2 weeks. I feel as though I was just at the store and we are almost out of food, again.   We have been eating at home more and it is crazy to see the fridge packed full on Friday and nearly empty by Wednesday or Thursday.

At 4:30 my mother-in-law drops the boy off. He comes in with ANOTHER bag full of 2 new jackets, new shoes and of course, a toy.   She picks him up from school quite frequently.   We only have one car. We have been a one car family for 8 or 9 years. My husband and I work blocks from one another at the same University. Most of the time it works out.  2-3 times a year it is a real hassle and we have to rent or borrow a car for a day.   My in-laws have been very helpful driving me around post surgery when I was too uncomfortable to drive yet.  So it drives me batty that she spoils the boy so much, but it is also really great that they are here.

I try telling X that he is responsible for starting his homework. Or course he plays with toys and my brilliant plan doesn’t work out. Sometimes I have to lock his bedroom door to keep him from playing with toys so he will do his homework.

I am still picking up around the house listening to Matt Maher.   X whines he is hungry and I offer to warm up leftover chicken and dumplings. He requests to eat them cold (gag) and he does… the whole, giant, congealed bowl of them!!!

B comes home from the gym. I have no idea what to make for dinner and he has a little over an hour before he has to leave for a meeting. We have buffalo chicken, sweet potato fries and salad.

B leaves for his meeting at church. X whines about homework and that he didn’t get any play time.   I can’t seem to get him to understand the hours between 4:30-7, when he wast doing homework, were his play time.   The whole bedtime routine takes longer than I plan. While brushing his teeth I realize has an extra tooth on one side and half on another! His molars are coming in. He is thrilled at this news and wants to know when he will start to lose his baby teeth.

After X went to bed I have no idea what I did. I do know I did not get any work done.   B comes home, we clean the kitchen and pack lunches and  go to bed.

2 thoughts on “Wednesday: Week In My Life 2014

    • Thank you. The bread is easy to make and something about mixing flour, water and yeast and then you have bread seems like magic to me. 🙂 The recipe I use is from All of her recipes turn out really well.

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