Week in My Life: Saturday

Team Whitaker WIML_saturday

Of course on Saturday, when I can at least sleep in a little, I am wide awake at 6:15 AM.  We get up and start getting ready for our excursion to IKEA.   We are borrowing the in-laws truck and asked B’s mom if she would like to join us for the trip.  We get on the road about 30 minutes late and make the almost 2 hour trek there.

On the road.  I always enjoy this view.

On the road. I always enjoy this view.


IKEA on a Saturday is a zoo.  I knew this going in, but WOW!  X is bouncing off the walls and after about 3 minutes walking through the store we hit the couch section.  So, we sit on couches.  We knew there were 3 options we wanted to look at.  The first is just MEH, the second we like but don’t love and the third is pretty much perfect.  Less than 10 minutes in the store we have accomplished our mission.  We meandered through the store looking at dozens of ideas for the rest of the house and making a list of things to think about.

X was still bouncing off the walls.  I am pretty sure he sat in EVERY. SINGLE. CHAIR. in the store.  We took him to the kids play area while we collected our boxes.   The couch boxes were a true surprise.  They were huge.  So huge it knocked pretty much everything else on our list off of it.  I couldn’t believe we had a truck and we still were not sure if we would have space.   We pride ourselves on the fact we always get everything to fit in our vehicles.  This was pushing the limits.   After 45 minutes of furniture tetris we managed to get everything to fit!





B was awesome lugging the massive boxes into the house and assembling the couch.  We had some furniture to re-arrange before we could begin building the couch.  It took at least 2 hours.

We enjoyed sitting on the new couch for a bit and I prepared to lector on Sunday at Mass.  I enjoy being a lector, but it still makes me nervous.   I am always afraid I will mess up or walk up at the wrong time.


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