Week in My Life: Sunday

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Sundays around here are either really busy or really laid back.  This one was a little of both.

Team Whitaker WIML_sunday

We woke up and made breakfast.  X requested “toasties”.  My grandmother would make them for us as kids.  It is toast, buttered and cut up in little pieces.  Somehow those little pieces of toast taste better than regular toast.



We all got dressed for Mass and surprisingly, had plenty of time.  I knew I needed to be there early because I was lectoring.  I wish I didn’t get so nervous.  I loved the reading, which was part of Proverbs 31.  I managed to survive the nausea and do the reading just fine, I didnt start shaking until I sat back down.   Why do I do this if it makes me so terribly nervous?  I enjoy it, I think I am good at it and I need to get better about not worrying what others think about me.

After Mass X had catechism class, which he loves.  B and I had a meeting at church.  Then we went to the grocery store.  A ridiculous amount of money later we got home and unloaded the car.  We picked around on leftovers for lunch.  The rest of the afternoon was spent picking up the house, watching TV and trying to get ready for tomorrow.

X at meijer

I wasn’t feeling great Sunday afternoon and since the surgery I have been so paranoid something is terribly wrong with me.  I hate feeling this way but I have been struggling with the unknown of suffering and death for a few weeks.   Later I realized feeling crummy was my asthma, which normally flares when a storm is coming.  A snow storm was due in that evening.

New Couch

New Couch

I need to brag on my husband for a minute.  He was awesome this weekend!  B worked so hard all weekend long. Not only moving boxes and building couches, but doing laundry and helping at the grocery store when he hates going to the store.

I reminded B there are corn dogs in the freezer as I headed to youth group.  Yes mom/ wife of the year, I know.  I do try and have a big family dinner on Sunday afternoons most weeks.  It gives us family time and frequently, leftovers for meals later in the week.  This weekend that didn’t happen.

Youth group is one of the bright spots in my week.  Over the last few years I have gradually ended up in the role of leader.  We have only volunteers leading the youth group at our parish. Right now there are really just two of us working with the high school youth.  Youth group is one of the things in my life that I am pretty sure I am exactly where I am supposed to be.  When I was in high school I wanted nothing more than to be a youth minister.  16 years later, here I am, doing exactly that.  5 years ago I NEVER would have expected this is where I would end up.  Our group of kids is small, but amazing.  We had a good discussion last night, even though we had to change the topic on the the fly.   I am so thankful my family has allowed me the opportunity to be gone nearly every Sunday evening for 3 + years and to be gone for a week at a time to take the group to camp in the summer.

Once I get home I peek in on X, who has built a fort from one of the couch boxes.  It is complete with a welcome mat, a cross and a “no girls allowed, except mama” sign.  Oh that sweet boy!

X fort

B and I watch some TV while I eat a bowl of cereal for dinner.  I ignore the kitchen that needs clean.  Later X sleepily stumbles down the hallway and crawls into my lap and goes back to sleep.  I hold him and it reminds me of when he was a baby.  Soon, very soon he will be too big to snuggle like this.

I am really proud of myself for actually posting 7 days in a row.  I have learned how much work it is to post regularly to a blog.  I need to find and charge my real camera since 99% of pictures I take these days are on my phone.  I know I will enjoy looking back and seeing what our lives looked like this week.

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