A good day.

Last night X and I had a sweet evening that I want to remember. It was a good ending to a day that did not start off the best. I yelled at the kid when he spilled smoothie down his front trying to give himself a “drippy purple mustache”.   Wrapping up the evening in such a peaceful manner was nice.


He had been at the in-laws that afternoon and had gone out to dinner with them.   He had finished all of his homework so we only had reading and spelling left to work on.   B washed dishes and I chopped veggies for dinner while X took a spelling quiz with a dry erase marker on our glass pantry cabinets.   He then chose a book to read. I was so proud of him. There were many difficult words to sound out and he kept pushing through, didn’t get frustrated, and he read the whole thing on his own! He was really proud of himself too.   We ate dinner and X snacked on some cooked carrots and told us about how much he loved the broccoli and hummus in his lunch box that day. (A boy eating vegetables!!! Amazing!) He gave a mushroom a “hello bite” and decided he liked the taste but not the texture.   He put on pajamas the first time we asked and we had time to play Monopoly Jr.     He brushed his teeth, again the first time he was asked.   It was almost like my real child was abducted by aliens.


I put him to bed and we said prayers and chatted about plans for the week. He asked me “give me all of the details.” When did he get so grown up! We also discussed how tonight was different and the consequences of following directions the first time mean 1) no fighting 2) more time to play 3) more fun with Mama and Daddy.


It was such a fun and relaxed evening. It was without a doubt the first evening in a long time I really liked my kid. I love him, but frequently by bed time I am at the end of my rope with the whining and arguing.

It was so refreshing not only to have all of that be easy, but to see X as the person he is. He shares my love of planning ahead and shares my extreme disappointment when things don’t go as planned. I was able to see his wit and sense of humor and his disappointment with how the morning went as well as his pride that he read a hard book on his own.

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