Finding Balance

The last month was the most balanced time I have had.   It was busy and I seemed to run all over town, but this Advent passed by peacefully, even with all the crazy of this time of year.   I was so happy one Friday realizing that the week was so balanced and I started thinking about what was I doing that made the difference.

– Prayer.  I have been praying everyday.   I went to adoration 3 times in one week.   We are fortunate that the cathedral here has a perpetual adoration chapel and when I found myself with some spare time before and after meetings I was able to pop into the chapel in addition to my regularly scheduled hour at our parish.

-I went to Mass.  Every week during advent I made it to at least one week day Mass.  It helped focus me, calm me and remind me where the center of my life should be.

-Taking it easy in the kitchen.  We have had more hodge-podge meals while I prepared for the holidays.  Everyone was fed, it might have been weird, but I gave myself some grace and didn’t stress if we didn’t have a “real meal.”

Working part time has given me the opportunity to fit all of this extra in. It has been a huge blessing.  My mother-in law was able to spend so much time with her sister this fall.  We didn’t realize she had so little time left.  She passed away on the 18th.  I am just happy we were able to give her the opportunity to be home with her sister when she wanted to be and she did not have to worry with helping us out with watching the boy.

Now that I have had a taste of balance I am not sure how to go back to the way things were before.  I don’t think we can financially sustain me working part time much past the summer. Everything has worked out so far, I just need to keep trusting that it will continue to work out.

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