A tiny parenting win

I am amazed at how quickly our son is growing up. Though like any parent we have our struggles.   Our evening routine has been a serious struggle for years for various reasons. There would be threats and yelling and tears. Sometimes EVERY.SINGLE NIGHT.   Almost always on nights when B was away at a meeting or in class.

Now I am slow to catch on to this idea, but he is our only ( L) kiddo and we tend to think he is not as capable as he is of doing things on his own. Or more likely I get too impatient and it is faster if I do it myself. Yeah not really teaching him anything that way am I?

So a few weeks ago he was complaining he never got to watch TV. We severely limit screen time. (though there are no rules at Mamaw’s house no wonder he likes it there so much!). We told him he was welcome to get up in the morning and watch TV before we left for school if he woke up early AND was completely dressed before the TV came on.   So far it has made mornings much easier since he has an incentive to wake up on his own. He has been wearing his school clothes to bed “cause it’s faster” and I’m fine with that. We did have to adjust the rules a bit and say he can only watch PBS and the TV goes off at 7am because those last 10 minutes before we leave the house are a little nuts if he is distracted.

The other change we made was I showed X how to start the shower and adjust the temperature. So instead of the 20+ minute battles over bath time I just tell him to take a shower.   He still asks me to check the water temperature and still runs around the house without clothes too much….BUT no fighting, no yelling. He can do it all himself and that little bit of independence has made him so proud and mostly cooperative.

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