Dear Teacher

Dear Teacher,

We think you are awesome.  We wish we could keep you through the 5th grade!  You do hard work.  27 first graders is a lot to handle.  2 hours at the winter party was enough to make me wonder how you don’t leave crying and willingly come back every day.

The thing we are tired of is the incessant list of websites to log on so my son can practice his skills at reading and math so he will be prepared for the MAP test.  We are tired of the guilt trips.   We are tired of him complaining that he doesn’t qualify for this reward or privilege because he hasn’t been on certain websites.

The thing is we severely limit screen time around here.   We aren’t hippies that hate TV.   We get home between 4 and 5pm most days which gives us only a few short hours to complete homework, reading, and study spelling words.    Plus we have dinner to cook and eat and take care of the bedtime routine.  We are not willing to sacrifice family time so you meet  scores on a standardized test.   We are not willing to sacrifice anymore of his childhood or make him give up his few precious minutes a day to be a kid and PLAY, his chance to go outside and breathe fresh air and run and wiggle and get dirty.   He is 6, there is plenty of time to study when he is older.


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