Something more….

It has been a busy few months.   The end of the school year, the fair at church, a quick trip to Hilton Head and then CatholicHeart Work Camp.  I am tired.  The crazy thing is in just a few weeks youth group will start up again and fundraising for next year begins.   Didn’t we just get back!!!!

Camp was, as always, an incredible experience.  The first year I went it was so overwhelming, and was really hard to put the kids first when I was uncomfortable and stressed out.  Each year it gets easier.  This was my first year planning all of the transportation for the trip and it all worked out in the end.  We had a great trip and there were some very touching moments.  For some of our group they had a significant experience in embracing their faith and becoming more comfortable being Catholic.  Our priest was able to come down one evening and see the kids in action and help out with reconciliation.  He was able to stay for our group time that evening which was great for both him to hear what the kids were doing and experiencing and for the youth to see his support of them as well.

Even as great as experiences like that are, even for myself as an adult, I find myself wanting something more.  I don’t know what that is exactly.  I feel like I need a retreat or something to re-focus me since I feel so tired.  Not tired in the physical sense but just worn out.  Life seems to keep me busy.

Growing up I never remember going anywhere in the evenings.  I never remember my parents going anywhere either, except Dad would go to Knights of Columbus meetings.  Now we are SO busy and have been for years with meetings and B has class.  I’ve not volunteered for anything new so I am not sure why it seems to overwhelming right now.  Am I too busy?  This week I had a meeting Sunday, a group from church got together tonight, I have a fundraiser meeting tomorrow night, Friday my family is coming to visit and Saturday is a long awaited date night 🙂     I don’t know how to pull back on these commitments though.


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