Garden – August 2015

The garden is doing okay.  We had a LOT of rain this summer.    In July I picked many green beans.  The plants looked horrible with holes all through the leaves, but I did pick a lot of beans.   Right now I am waiting for tomatoes to ripen.  The marigolds I planted to repel pests are trying to take over.  The zinnias are from a seed packet I received at a friends wedding last summer. All of the cucumber, pumpkin, and zucchini were decimated by squash vine borers.  I was so disappointed since I love to be drowning in zucchini since it is a perfect excuse to make zucchini bread and mock apple pie.

garden aug2015

To the left is the “big bed” where attempt 2 with the squash is, the rest is a mix of peppers, tomatoes, carrots and marigolds. The middle bed is blackberries and pole beans. As well as carrots and broccoli. The small bed in the center is raspberry bushes .

garden july 2015 zenniaaug2015

I did plant some more squash as a last ditch effort to get some zucchini since the vine borers should be done for the season(hopefully).

zuch august2015

I need to figure out what to do with the blackberry bush it has quadrupled in size this summer.  They were sad clearance plants I bought for $2 a container.   I have planted carrots and broccoli once I gave up on the pumpkins so hopefully we will have some fall broccoli.   I may put some peas in again, they grew so well and so quickly.

I am just waiting for tomatoes to slowly ripen.  My favorite has been the Cherokee Purple.  I don’t like raw tomatoes, or at least I thought I didn’t but those are really good.  They haven’t produced many and the squirrels have tasted a few too.   My mother in law is sending tomatoes over at an alarming rate and I have been making marinara sauce to freeze.


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